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Hail Damage

If your roof has encountered a strong storm that has produced hail, damage might have occurred, causing your roof to become susceptible to water leakage. Hail Damage in North Texas is common, and CCS Construction & Roofing has qualified experts in hail damage repair for any type of roofing system. Hail damage can come in all degrees of severity, and our company is capable of repairing them all.

When your shingled roof is in the middle of a hail storm, you are likely to experience damage of some kind. You might not be able to notice the damage the storm left behind, but if you allow even the smallest damage go untouched, it will be highly possible your home will experience water leakage. When the hail punctures the shingle, the underlying membrane is exposed and the flashing has been tampered with. If the proper repairs have not been made, the damage will grow and you will be left with a hefty bill. We recommend that you contact our roofing contractors for the proper advice for repairs.

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