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Ventilation is one of the most asked about topics here at CCS Construction & Roofing. With our Texas heat, homeowners are looking for ways to reduce summer cooling bills. And proper ventilation in the winter months is just as important. Attic Ventilation is a process of air intake and output. The flow of air is critical to promote good ventilation. As illustrated below, air movement is ess

Below are just a few of the commonly used ventilation systems used by in CCS Construction & Roofing.

The "Whirlybird" is an excellent product for promoting air circulation. This ventilation system evacuates large volumes of air as it spins. The shape and design of this vent actually pulls air from the attic. There are moving parts and bearings in the Whirlybird, but it is fairly inexpensive and provides great ventilation.

Ridge Vent - Installed at the peaks of the roof, this product allows for added efficiency at the highest point in the attic where hot air tends to become trapped. Ridge vent is popular because it is barely visible after installation, removes the hot, trapped air in the highest attic areas, has no moving parts, and gives the ridges of the roof a unique look.

The Low Profile and Turtle vents are static roof vents. That means they have no moving parts. Most homes have these vents. The low profile vent is typically smaller than the Turtle vent but they both work well and are easily installed. CCS Construction & Roofing is available to discuss your ventilation needs and options.

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